Зарядное устройство ToolkitRC Q6AC AC 400 Вт/DC 1000 Вт 4CH выход Встроенный USB A/TYPEC выход, LiPo, 1-6S,NiMH 1-16S, зарядное устройство PB 1-10S

Цена: 32000 

Цена: 32000 



                              Q6AC four channel independent output, automatic power distribution, total output power up to 1000W, AC/DC dual mode input, built-in 400W AC power supply, XT90 DC input, power up to 1000W, Magesafe magnetic suction wireless charging, slider design, compatible with XT60/XT30 optional, 

Input voltage: AC 100-240V, maximum 100W 5.0A

DC 7.0-30.0v @ Max 50A

Battery type: Lipo LiHV LiFe Lion LTO @ 1-6S

NiMh @ 1-16S Pb @ 1-10S

Balance current: 800mA @ 4.2V

Charging power: 250W @ MAX 15A * 4

Discharge power: 250W @ MAX 15A recycling mode

12w @ 3A normal mode

USBA: 30w or upgrade firmware

USBC: Maximum 65W@20.0V


Product size: 220mm * 113mm * 82mm

Product weight: 1120g

Packaging size: 260 * 220 * 120 mm

Packaging weight: 1600g

Product Overview

Q6AC is a four channel balanced charger product with IPS highlighted display screen and more convenient operation of roller encoder.

1. Charging accuracy<0.005V.

2. Balance current 800mA

3. Built in 15W wi


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